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  And welcome to Valerie Partee's unique system of teaching young people how to reach within themselves to build self-esteem. Following her success in Chicago, Valerie, a former English teacher, has packaged her skills and is taking them on the road in the form of a tour. For the next nine months, she will visit your school to demonstrate her program. All you have to do is book her. She will be glad to meet with any open-minded faculty group to show how her program can be used to transform the educational experience when it comes to teaching interpersonal skills.

The Interpersonal Skills Program concept is supported by prior research that shows how children and adolescents perceive themselves in the eyes of others augments the learning process. The Interpersonal Skills Program's intent is to a make positive difference in the education of all American students. It also intends to make a positive difference in faculty members' continuing development as teachers and scholars. Faculty involved with the Interpersonal Skills Program will develop multiple models of innovative and effective approaches to teaching and learning interpersonal skills.

In short, the Interpersonal Skills Program will develop a collaborative community of lifelong learners. Objectives  The Interpersonal Skills Program accomplishes two primary objectives: First, the creation of an academic milieu that empowers the professional growth of faculty, and Secondly, the creation of an innovative and more effective approach to teaching interpersonal skills to young students.